How Does Engraving Wine Bottles Work?

How Does Personalized Engraving Wine Bottles Work - Engrave A Bottle

If engraving a wine bottle at home was simple, there would be no dearth of people who would like to give this craft a go. Fortunately, getting professionally engraved wine bottles in easy and rather affordable, so you do not have to invest in expensive engraving equipment on your own.

Engraving Alternatives
Glass may be etched in two basic ways – sandblasting and laser etching. Sandblasting tends to produce deeper marks in glass when compared to laser. However, laser etching is not as labor intensive, and is also easier to learn. This makes the latter a preferred way to engrave wine bottles. What also helps is that laser engraving machines create fine and accurately countered details without the need for templates.

What Can You Add?
You get to add text, line art, or just about any kind of imagery onto your custom engraved bottle. What you have to bear in mind, though, is that images with hue or gradations do not work very well because of the lack of contrast.

How You Need to Do
You start by selecting a wine bottle in a color of your choice. Then, you get to personalize the bottle using text, preset images, or pictures of your own. When adding text, you get to choose from different font styles, and you may also play around with the color, size, and positing of the text.

If you wish to add your own picture or logo, you get to upload the image online. Once you finalize your design, all you need to do is place your order and wait for that perfect gift to arrive.

Engraved wine bottles make for great keepsakes, and you may think about gifting one for just about any kind of occasion. Whether it is for that special someone or for an all important client, gifting a custom engraved wine bottle can take your efforts to please a long way.

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